You may or may not have heard of a new fundraising campaign that all started from a single tweet!

John Thompson, a corporate fundraising consultant from Hertfordshire posted a tweet pledging his first fiver to a good cause & asked his followers if they would too.  “People were being really negative about the new design, and I just thought charities would be more than happy to have them – that’s where the idea came from.”

Twitter is now full of people tweeting which charity they will be donating their first fiver to.  We think this is a wonderful idea and for those of you that love your new fiver & don’t want to part with it – you can keep the actual fiver and donate the equivalent by text!

We have set up a new text campaign.  If you would like to donate your first fiver to us simply text JUDE05 £5 to 70070 – all donations very gratefully received!  Please help us spread this news by sharing it with all your friends & family & tagging us in your donations – thank you everyone! 🙂

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