We would like to say a big thank you to the Woolpack Ipswich & to everyone who took part in the quiz on Sunday night for helping us to raise £185!

We had a fantastic night with 9 teams that took part and had the most amount of tie breaks ever!  It was so close!  The top 2 teams (Hippocampers & the 3 B’s) were level with 66 points so had to have a tie breaker which the Hippocampers answered in a nano second and became our winners!.  We also had joint 3rd, 4th & 5th places!  Our 8th team, Random Selection with 35 points were awarded our booby prize of a tube of Smarties each & our winners won a bottle of wine each!  Full break down as follows:

1st:  Hippocampers with 67 points

2nd: 3 b’s with 66 points

Joint 3rd: Out on a School Night & Quizzy Rascals with 56 points

Joint 4th: Bleak Expectations & Jammy Dodgers with 55 points

Joint 5th: Avocado Hands & Unusual Suspects with 46.5 points

6th:  Random Selection with 35 points

We are back for our next quiz at the Woolpack on the 9th of September!  Look forward to seeing you then! 


Winning Team - Hippocampers                    Runner's up - 3b's


Random Selection - Booby Prize Winners

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