We are delighted to help Brooke’s Wish To Walk….

We recently received a request from Brooke’s family to purchase a trike for her. Brooke is a 10 year old girl who has Cerebral Palsy and is wheelchair bound. Her only wish one day is to walk like her family and friends. Here is a quote from Brooke’s Mum….

“On 3rd June Brooke had an appointment with her OT & Physio for a trike fitting, The last time Brooke had a trike was in nursery when she was 3 years old, this was given to her by the NHS at the time. When Brooke rode her trike we used to call it fun Physio as she used to have so much fun out in the fresh air doing what “normal” children do, she went on a bike ride with her siblings & that’s the only thing that she absolutely loved but she grew out of it.

At the appointment Brooke done so well and a smile appeared on her face when she was pedalling around like no smile I’ve seen for a long time, but, my heart sank when they told me that we would have to buy & how much it was as I knew we couldn’t afford it but I didn’t tell Brooke this. I just couldn’t.

I got introduced to the amazing Peter Brady by a couple of my friends and I mentioned about the trike and he asked me to email the Jude Brady Foundation who has today told me that they will fund Brooke’s trike.
I’m so happy right now and when I told Brooke her face lit up.

The Jude Brady foundation has just put a smile on my babies face.

Thank you all so so much!”

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