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“The Square” Children’s Book




Local author Martin D. Talbot published a children’s adventure novel in January

this year titled “The Square” to celebrate her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11’s 90 th

birthday. This book retails at £8.95 and Martin has kindly agreed to donate

£4.00 (profit margin) of each book sold through us to our charity.

The story of “The Square” is an adventure novel about four children who meet an

old lady who is sitting on a wooden bench near the old statue in the centre of

“The Square”.

The old lady shares her secret of the square with the children and their lives are

changed forever more by travelling back in time to the year 1887. Queen

Victoria is celebrating her Golden Jubilee. Strange things happen to the four

children and they each witness how life was like during the Victorian Era. They

each have seven days to solve the mysteries of “The Square” and set the old lady

free from a 115 years of waiting since she was a ten year old little girl.

Martin has also written a script and hope that his novel will be made into a play

or TV drama.

If you would like to order a signed copy of this novel please contact

nicola@judebradyfoundation.co.uk. We would like to say thank you to Martin

for kindly donating any profit made on books we sell to the charity – thank you