As a small charity we are in desperate need of volunteers. We are limited to the amount of money we can raise, as we simply do not have the resources. We are looking for volunteers to help out in way they can. So how can you help to make a difference?


You could simply hold a coffee morning to raise funds or you may have greater plans. Whatever your event please get in touch. We need more people to fundraise on our behalf. If you are interested in this opportunity please let us know.


Are you a keen athlete and taking part in the London Marathon or any other significant sporting event that you are looking to raise sponsorship for? There are so many great sporting challenges happening all over the UK. If you are already registered or are interested in taking part in such an event but haven’t yet chosen your charity to donate to again please let us know.

Could your company sponsor any of our events?  We are always looking for companies to sponsor our events to help boost fundraising.  We have some fantastic sponsorship packages available which include social media advertising so if you are looking to raise the profile of the company you work for this can work well for both parties.


Would you be able to volunteer to help out at some of our events? We sometimes have a need for volunteers to help us run a successful event on the day. This could range from selling raffle tickets, tickets on the door, helping out in the kitchen or serving of drinks etc. It depends on the event but an extra pair of hands is always a massive help. Again please do let us know if this is something you could offer.


Do you run your own company, work for a corporate company or local school where you could raise significant funds by simply holding a dress down day? This is such an effective way of raising money that isn’t time consuming and can also help spread news of our charity and help raise our profile. Please get in touch if you can help.


Do you have a particular skill set that you could offer in services to the charity? Our biggest challenge is getting people to attend organised events. Maybe you run a successful PR or marketing business and would be able to help spread the word? Are you a regular attender of networking events? Could you share news of charity events here? You may have another set of skills that could be useful to the charity. Any expense we can save on having to pay for services, the more we can raise so if you have a particular skill set that could help & would be willing to volunteer services that would be much appreciated. These are just a few ideas of how you can help us to make a difference. Any help you can offer big or small will help us to grow the work we do and the funds we can raise so please do get in touch with if you think there is a way you can help. We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you