We would like to say a huge thank you to Emma who has raised well over £500 for the Jude Bray Foundation through her Just Giving Account on top of the £150 cash that was kindly donated, her aim was to raise £200 by running the Alton Water 10k.

Her Story

The Jude Brady Foundation is a charity very close to my families heart. In 2006 my sister lost a little boy called Jamie, this was a very hard time for my family but my sister met Peter and Lynn who also lost a little boy named Jude and together they offered each other support to get through this tragic time.

In 2008 Peter and Lynn founded The Jude Brady Foundation to help raise money for better care and technology to try and reduce the number of babies dying each year. They work so hard to raise awareness and offer support to families affected.

Over the years they have also extended their fundraising to raise money for babies and children with disabilities to provide them with medical treatment and equipment to progress their lives.

The money that is raised will help to try and save a babies life and prevent a family from going through such heartache, or will be used to pay for a child’s medical treatment to prolong a life.