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Thank you for visiting the Jude Brady Foundation web site. The foundation was set up by the trustees and the parents of Jude Brady to raise money for research into the reason why so many babies die every day. As trustees we have agreed that the best use of the money we raise will be to donate to child related good causes.

Jude was unfortunately born asleep on the 16th of June 2006. After his death his parents Peter & Lynn Brady were taken aback by the fact that on average 17 babies die every day in the UK. Understandably, they desperately wanted to do something to help prevent more people going through the pain of losing a child.

Peter and Lynn began fundraising with a Just Giving site in 2006 which raised nearly £2000.00 in a month, with the proceeds going to Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal death charity). The first event was a golf day in 2007, shortly after Jude’s first birthday. The success of this event prompted them to arrange another one in 2008 and subsequently saw the formation of the Jude Brady Foundation.

The Golf event has become a much sought after ticket and a highlight of many people’s sporting year. The Shining Star Ball followed on from the golf day and has been attended by people such as DJ Spoony (Patron), Kieron Dyer (Queens Park Rangers Football Club), Matt Allwright (Rogue Traders), David Haig (Four Weddings and A Funeral) and Jo Cameron (The Apprentice) in the past. We would love to hear from anyone who can help us raise funds for this very worthy cause and if you wish to help The Jude Brady Foundation please do not hesitate to contact us.