Thanks to the fabulous support Kim has received since fundraising began in November 2015, we are delighted to announce that Kim is now in the process of being fitted with a microprocessor everyday limb that will assist in her desire to walk as best she possibly can! Thank you so much to everyone that has donated & fundraised for this cause and helped make such a positive difference to her life!


On 13 May 2015 Kim was sadly diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, an extremely rare type of bone cancer at the age of 13 when a tumour was found growing in her calf muscle. The tumour did not respond to chemotherapy and it was located too close to the nerves in her leg to operate and remove. The only option to save Kim’s life was an amputation above the knee. Kim is desperate to walk well again and return to sports

Why do we need to continue to fundraise?

The microprocessor everyday limb that Kim is currently being fitted with uses a microprocessor knee to help her walk, automatically adjusting to the ground she moves on preventing her falling. These cost £30k-35k but only have a 3 year life span so will therefore need replacing every 3 years!  There are also maintenance costs, servicing plus replacement liners and sockets to consider each year so fundraising needs to continue to keep her in these limbs, giving her a greater quality of life for the years ahead.  Blades cost £8k-10k and will allow her to take part in sports she loved and aid her dream of becoming a Paralympian. 

Funds raised through this cause page will be used to assist with all of these requirements as and when they are needed by Kim.

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Here is a link to her new fundraising page:

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