In this weeks Jude Brady Foundation Christmas Appeal we hear the story of one family who sadly in August 2014 lost their baby daughter. This family have asked us to keep their identity hidden due to the pain and suffering they are still dealing with. For the purpose of this however their story is true but the names used are totally fictional.

Like many before them June and Mark went for their 20 week scan full of hope and excitement. It wasn’t to be the case however and were told there were problems with the pregnancy. For the next week they were full of worry and unfortunately they had their fears confirmed that their baby daughter had died.

Through mutual friends of the Jude Brady Foundation, we reached out to June and Mark and offered them words of advise and comfort. Over the next few weeks we built up a relationship with the family and they confided in us that they only felt close to their daughter at the cemetery, as this was were they last held her in her in her tiny coffin.

Most days June and Mark would go back to their daughters resting place and wander around wishing they could have a special place for them to sit and remember her.

We couldn’t take away the pain they were facing; but we decided to offer them a grant to purchase a bench and place it in the baby garden at the cemetery, for them, so they had somewhere they could come to terms with losing their baby daughter.

The family were overwhelmed with this gesture and have now become a great supporter of the Jude Brady Foundation, even holding their own coffee and cake morning to go towards the fundraising of the bench.

Due to the continued fundraising efforts and kind generosity of others the bench is now in the process of being placed in the baby garden and we hope many other families will also find comfort in having somewhere to sit while they remember their lost loved ones.

The Jude Brady Foundation aims to help families who have suffered stillbirths and neo natal deaths. We are in the progress of fundraising for memory boxes to be made so parents can have a special box that will hold a blanket, teddy, candle and a place to keep any special mementoes of their baby.

If you would like to know more about how The Jude Brady Foundation can hope you or a loved one or if you are looking for volunteering opportunities we would love to hear from you.

Please help us reach out to others by sharing this story. Thank you The Jude Brady Foundation